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MinMatar Ballista Concept by Daystorm MinMatar Ballista Concept by Daystorm
Finally finished. Not enough time to do a better job of layouts, so this will have to do. Hopefully the detail isn't all lost at this scale.

The Minmatar Ballista was basically created as a long range rail gun, capable of snatching small asteroids from their orbit and flinging them across solar systems at a fraction of light speed. Not useful against fighters, but extremely effective against objects in stationary orbits, as long as the right vectors were calculated. If they wished, the Minmatar could toss rocks at planet-side targets of opportunity and effectively annihilate ground-based resistance in the blink of an eye.

The ship, however, is not well shielded and extremely slow, requiring most of its guts to be used for powering the massive electromagnetic rings and then dumping the immense heat generated by firing the projectiles. Its only ammunition is found in asteroid belts and reloading entails essentially moving on top of another rock and initiating a long firing sequence. Suffice it to say, rate of fire is low. But destructive.

Creative commanders have been known to also use the Ballista's mass driving capabilities to toss smaller ships across the system at high speed in order to put stealth ships behind enemy lines or small corvettes or fighters into the middle of a fray, quickly. Those ships better have made sure their inertial dampeners were on-line, however, otherwise the incredible g-forces would turn the pilots and crew into unidentifiable stains on the wall.
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ryuzo Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Damned fine piece of designing there. I really doubt the people who beat you were actually any better...
Daystorm Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
Ah well... I didn't make the semi-finalist cut. Thanks for the support, anyway, guys!
dylanliwanag Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Aside from the design, I like your idea of flinging asteroids as weapons. :D
Chavito34 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Amazing, really great job, nice to see some hand sketch between so many 3D ;)
I very like your technique... and your design
good luck
Somvold Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still have done a great job nonetheless.
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October 11, 2010
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